Best Water Pipes for Summer 2020

Summer is in full swing here in beautiful PA, and despite event cancellations and social distancing, we’re in the business of making the best out of a hard situation. Getting outdoors and breathing some fresh air is always a good idea, and our state’s beautiful landscapes make it so easy! So many of us are moving our smoke sesh to the great outdoors whether it’s camping, poolside, or chillin’ by the creek. Check out this list of the best water pipes for Summer 2020!

New Grav Pipes


Grav is a tried and true glass company, with pieces that are favorites of many of our customers and staff. Their unique designs are what set them apart from the rest. This new-to-our-store design is so unique in its shape and its size is perfect for travel (just make sure to pick up a nice carrying case for it!).  

SnoopDogg Pipes

SnoopDogg fans listen up! The new SnoopDogg pipes are solid in size and shape. Their clear body with SnoopDogg decal make them the perfect set-up for chillin by the pool and listening to music!

Keith Herring Collection


Number 3 on the list is the new Keith Herring glass collection now carried at Excitement Smokin’! Herring’s art now exists as a vibrant and colorful glass collection of beakers, bubblers, and rigs! The street-inspired art designs make the pieces so unique, they’re perfect for summer or making a statement.

Mr. Flow Beakers


These hand-blown pieces are a classic and a staple for any smoke-sesh. The functionality of these beakers is unmatched, and they are so thick and durable that you don’t have to worry too much about taking them outdoors with you. 

These pieces were hand-picked by our staff as the hottest options for summer 2020. Stop in to check them out in person and pick up a new piece for all your summer adventures!

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