Best Smoke Products for Lockdown

We are now about 7 months into the global pandemic and while in many ways we have come out of isolation and quarantine, in other ways we have not. In some parts of the world - lockdown has not ended. In our corner of the globe, we are still being urged to practice social distancing which means a lot more time spent at home. 
We have all come up with our own ways to keep ourselves occupied and entertained while spending more time in our homes. If partaking in a smoke sesh is for you - we have got you covered! Here are the best products to have on deck while sitting at home.


Vaporizers are on the rise as a sought after form of consumption. Many people enjoy vaping as opposed to smoking. We have many different options from table top to handheld and in between. One vaporizer we recommend is the Puffco Peak! It’s a portable concentrate vaporizer. It’s a high-tech and effective way to use concentrates.

Rolling Tray

A good rolling tray can make all the difference in keeping everything streamlined and efficient! Having a good tray reduces mess and helps you roll up multiple times easily and effectively. It’s a staple to add to your collection.


An E-nail could step up your smoking game significantly. It makes using concentrates so much easier and more convenient than the traditional torch and banger. Enails allow you to easily and specifically control the temperature instead of guessing with a torch. It takes something that is typically pretty high-maintenance and makes it pretty low-maintenance! One E-nail we recommend is the Gpen Connect. Effortlessly attach it to your water pipe to ditch the torch and nail. 


If you’re gonna be stuck at home, the last thing you want is to have all your glass filthy within a matter of days. Make sure you stock up on a good cleaner to keep all your pieces good as new! We love 420 cleaner, but we have other options as well. Check out a previous article all about how to clean your glass!

Airtight Container

In order to keep your product fresh over a long period of time, pick up a storage container that is airtight or vacuum sealed. Storing your product in one of these containers will keep everything fresh for much longer! We love TightVac.

Excitement Smokin’ is here to serve the community. We are a one stop shop for all your smoking needs! We’ve taken the pandemic seriously and have precautionary measures put in place to protect our employees and customers. Stop in and chat with us, safely! :)

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