Different Percolators Explained

Our Excitement Smokin’ shops were recently stocked FULL with a bunch of new glass. We’re so excited for you to come in and check us out! Because the best part of water pipes is their filtration ability, I thought this would be an appropriate time to go over some of the different percolator options and what they do! Here we go.

Diffused Downstem


The most basic style is the downstem with slits at the bottom of the tube. This part of the joint sits in the water and cools the smoke before reaching your lungs.

Circ Percs

You guessed it, circ percs are circular percolators that sit at the bottom of a piece and look similar to a little puck. They also work to cool and filter the smoke coming through the piece.

Honeycomb Percs 


Honeycomb percs are discs that fully cover each chamber but are riddled with little holes. They are best when stacked in multiples. The more chambers there are the more filtration you’ll get from usage. 

Showerhead Percs

Showerhead percs draw water up from a larger tube into a smaller chamber. They look like a showerhead (obviously) and use holes or slits for their filtration.

Swiss Percs

These ones are less mainstream, but definitely cool! They have super intricate designs that aren’t just sweet in terms in aesthetics but in function as well. The “bumps” work to filtrate the smoke when it goes around them without affecting the pull of the water. 

Matrix Perc

Another aesthetically pleasing option is a matrix perc. They are cylindrical in shape with slits both vertical and horizontal. These varying slits are what give you the perfect diffusion because the smoke has so many different directions to travel while being pulled. 

Tree Perc

One of the most easily recognizable and aesthetically pleasing is the tree perc. A personal favorite of mine, it’s made of multiple arms and slits that connect together at the top. The only downside is that because of the intricacies of this perc, there’s more to break. 

While this isn’t a completely exhaustive list, hopefully it gives you a little insight into what will work best for you. Our staff is always happy to answer any questions and provide suggestions and recommendations about percolators, filtration, function and usage. Stop in and check out our newly expanded glass section!

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