Jay and Silent Bob

Everyone’s favorite on-screen smokers have made their way into your local smoke shop with their new all-inclusive CBD line. Excitement Smokin is now carrying Jay and Silent Bob CBD!! 

The classic Jay and Silent Bob movies got a reboot in October of last year and are now partnering with Caviar Gold to bring you broad spectrum, 3rd party lab-tested CBD products in a variety of different forms. 


We are carrying gummies (100mg - 300mg), tinctures (350mg - 3000mg), capsules, and the buzz shot (100mg). Keep checking back because more products from this line are coming soon!


If you loved those classic comedy movies, you are bound to love these products. Not only are they made with high quality CBD but the hilarious duo has named and packaged the products with references to the movies that will make you giggle and probably feel a little nostalgic. 


The idea was born out of the producers wanting to have a line of products released alongside their new movie. That way fans had Jay and Silent Bob-approved products to use while experiencing the film. 


These products come as a testimony to our progressing culture as well. The smoking culture has changed a lot since Jay and Silent Bob first came on screen. Still don’t have weekend plans? It's 2020! How about eating some CBD gummies and checking out the Jay and Silent Bob reboot?