Smokin Gifts

People who enjoy smoking are some of the best people to shop for during the holidays. Check out these 10 gifts for the smokers in your life. 

Black Fridays Deals

It’s almost that time of year again, folks! The holidays are fast approaching, and although this year will probably look and feel different (thanks, 2020) there are still ways we can find joy and have fun during these crazy times. To kick off the holiday season, Excitement Smokin’ has a list of hand picked items on sale for Black Friday (11/27/2020). 

Banger Styles

Excitement carries a few different options in terms of banger styles - but which one is right for you? How do you know which one to choose? Keep reading for a breakdown of the different types of banger that are on the market!

Halloween Inspired Glass

We are fully in the swing of spooky season, and Halloween is right around the corner! Along with bonfires, pumpkins, trick-or-treating and scary movies - Excitement has some fun, spooky items in store to add to your festivities! 

Best Products for Lockdown

We have all come up with our own ways to keep ourselves occupied and entertained while spending more time in our homes. If partaking in a smoke sesh is for you - we’ve got you covered! Here are the best products to have on deck while sitting at home.

510 Thread

The usage of pre-filled cartridges for smoking has skyrocketed in recent years. Smoking from a pre-filled cart is one of the most convenient and inconspicuous methods of smoking. They are perfect for travel, fit in your pocket, and often have little to no smell. It is a form of vaporization so you get the added benefits of vaporization as opposed to smoke. Whatever your reason for using carts, they are super popular and we are always stocked with batteries to fit your needs. 

10 Water Pipes Under 100$

At Excitement we specialize in variety. Since the start of our expansions in 2018 we haven’t stopped expanding! We have so many categories and a range of options, styles and prices in each of them. In our previous article we discussed 4 options that fell in the higher-end range. Keep reading to learn about our more affordable pipes. Whether you are looking to splurge or ballin on a budget - we carry something for you! Here are 10 water pipes for under 100$. 

High End

Do you love luxury? Are you always wanting the best of the best when it comes to your shopping choices? At Excitement, we have a wide range of options - including low to high end in order to meet all of our customer needs. In a previous article we discussed the Best Water Pipes for Summer 2020 - today we’ll break down 4 of the current hottest and most high-end glass options available in our stores.

Different Percolators Explained

Our Excitement Smokin’ shops were recently stocked FULL with a bunch of new glass. We’re so excited for you to come in and check us out! Because the best part of water pipes is their filtration ability, I thought this would be an appropriate time to go over some of the different percolator options and what they do! Here we go.

Life Hacks: Smoker's Edition

Looking for ways to level up your smoking game? Do you need some easy solutions to some common problems? Keep reading, because we have a whole list of smoker-life hacks and products to make your life so much easier. Despite what others might think, we know that smokers are super resourceful and the future of technology has not left us behind. Check out what we carry to help you make the most of all your smoke-sesh’s whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned veteran. 

RAW Life

At Excitement, we love RAW and carry so many of their products from our huge stock of rolling papers, to backpacks, hats and shirts. The RAW logo can be found all over our stores and you’re sure to find something of theirs that is useful, trendy or both. Check out these 7 RAW products chosen by our staff!

Best Water Pipes 2020

Summer is in full swing here in beautiful PA, and despite event cancellations and social distancing, we’re in the business of making the best out of a hard situation. Getting outdoors and breathing some fresh air is always a good idea, and our state’s beautiful landscapes make it so easy! So many of us are moving our smoke sesh to the great outdoors whether it’s camping, poolside, or chillin’ by the creek. Check out this list of the best water pipes for Summer 2020! 

Jay and Silent Bob

Everyone’s favorite on-screen smokers have made their way into your local smoke shop with their new all-inclusive CBD line. Excitement Smokin is now carrying Jay and Silent Bob CBD!! 

CBD Guide

Excitement has carefully curated a selection of CBD brands and products, chosen based on industry research and reviews. We thoroughly vet out our distributors to ensure authenticity and quality of our CBD products. Our products contain hemp-derived CBD.

Odor Control

If you’re a smoker, you’re probably aware of the age-old quest of masking the smell. We all know the smell of smoke lingers and can stick to almost anything. Your hair, clothes, bags, jars, the inside of your car, etc. It’s probably one of the biggest inconveniences of smoking! Although some people don’t mind, others like to enjoy a smoke and smell fresh. For some, getting rid of the smell isn’t just a preference but a necessity. Well, fear no more. 



 Concentrates are as popular as ever these days! More and more of our customers are switching their preferences from dry materials to concentrates. While it can be more efficient, in order to get the most out of your product you are going to need more than just a pipe and a lighter. 

5 Perfect Products for Travel!

Finding it hard to smoke on the go with your beautiful but bulky and fragile pieces? Need something a little more portable? We’ve got you covered! There’s a couple different set-ups that work really well for travel, but finding the perfect one for you is our priority! Whether you're going to a festival, on a road trip, spending the day at the beach or on the creek - we have the perfect companions for adventure :) 


Gift Ideas

Excitement Smokin is the one-stop-shop for all your smoking needs! During the holidays, we are amping up our collection of unique, fun and essential smoking items to make your gift shopping joyful and easy! Do you want to gift your favorite smoker something you know they will use and love? Here are our Top 5 ideas!

Excitement VAPES

Smoke-technology is on the rise! There are more products, methods, and devices available for smokers than ever before. At Excitement Smokin, we are stocking our shelves with the latest and greatest.


All Things Glass

If you’re not sure where to start in purchasing your first pipe - you might want to consider how you smoke (if you need water filtration, if you need portability, etc), what type of material you smoke, and what your budget is. From there our highly knowledgeable staff will be able to narrow it down for you and offer some excellent options based on your needs. 



The grinder is a key component to your smoking experience! Often overlooked but essential for a good session, a quality grinder can make all the difference no matter how you smoke. If you or your favorite smoker are in the market, look no further!